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Flamingo Mk2 UAV Videos

Scrub Fire Monitoring

Here we have the Flamingo UAV monitoring a scrub fire. This video clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of spotting smoke from a UAV. Even the low resolution camera used in this video had no trouble locating the original thin wisp of smoke. From there each successive pass shows the fire growing progressively worse and creating a much larger volume of smoke. A UAV fitted with an Infra-Red camera would have spotted the original embers long before the smoke became visible and perhaps preventing a large fire from ever developing.


Flapped Approach and Landing

This video shows the second day out and flight number 6 on the Mark 2. This Mark 2 Flamingo is fitted with the new all composite wing and the Option "B" nosecone. Payload fitted on this flight is 5kg. Peak groundspeed recorded on the Mark 2 in level flight to date, 95kts. Please take particular note of the very low landing speeds in this video and also the Outback Challenge video.


First Flight of the Flamingo

This video is a clip of the first ever flight of Flamingo 01. During the high speed pass shown at the end of the clip the peak airspeed was recorded at 153mph (245kph). The lead in to the run was a shallow falling turn. Motor used was a Moki 135 glow.


UAV Challenge Promo

In the Outback Challenge video clip there are several interesting points. Firstly take note of the length of the take-off run on very rough sandy ground and loaded with 600ml of water, 6.5kg of video and nav payload and 1kg of fuel. Secondly the GPS video overlay shows the aircraft throttling back to 39mph for the bottle drop and then after the drop the Flamingo accelerates to 55mph. Those speeds are all in miles per hour. Lastly take note of the landing speed which was a point of stall landing done to show off the very low landing speed capability of the Flamingo. Note the length of the landing run.


Routine Flamingo Flight

This video shows routine take offs and landings featuring Flamingo 04