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Flamingo Mk3 Production Standards

Download the Flamingo Mk3 specifications brochure.

Manufacturing control

Silvertone have developed a design data pack for the manufacture and assembly of the Flamingo Mk3 UAV, ensuring quality controlled repeatable manufacture.  Having a defined quality process for manufacturing conformance is a vital step in the overall aim to have a type certified UAV.


Payload testing

To streamline integration of payloads into the Flamingo Mk3, Silvertone are undertaking payload testing with their Flamingo Mk2 test platform, completing successful trials with EO and IR stabilised gimbals, live feed data links and a VHF Analogue/Digital radio repeater providing hand held coverage over 50km at low altitudes.

As part of the Flamingo Mk3 UAV proof-of-concept trials with law enforcement agencies, Silvertone has integrated Wave Relay technology from Cistech Solutions and Persistent Systems to provide high-throughput MANET networks in conjunction with the outstanding surveillance capability of sensors from UAV Vision.