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Flamingo UAV Overview


    The Silvertone Flamingo is designed to provide the UAV industry with a small, versatile, high efficiency UAV suitable for the Under 25kg (55lb) class of UAVs.


    The design was driven by the requirement for a reliable, cost-effective heavy-lift platform capable of long endurance to meet the growing demands of the UAV industry.


    The design criteria for the Flamingo were;

    • Duration in excess of that common in its size and class,
    • Moderate payload
    • Moderate speed and Altitude
    • Low initial and operating cost
    • Simple Autonomous operation
    • Operation from relatively unprepared airstrips

    • Auto Pilot can be fitted as part of a turnkey package
    • Flight information can be displayed on GCS
    • Simple quick access to on board avionics and payload
    • Incorporates redundant control systems
    • Tailored solutions to meet your requirements

    Spacious quick-change payload pannier allows rapid reconfiguration of the aircraft for different missions.

    The pannier and payload plate can be constructed to suit the customers requirements.

    Easy access to the pannier and payload means there are no difficult to access areas in the payload bay.


    • Duration of 7- 8 hours
    • Low comparative wing loading
    • Excellent range for size and class of UAV
    • Optimized layout for surveillance equipment
    • Wing hard points for external payloads or additional fuel
    • Large flaps for STOL operations

    The Flamingo undercarriage may be configured in three ways.

    (1) Fixed undercarriage. Ideal for local missions, pilot training, etc.

    (2) Drop off dolly. Suits launching without undercarriage or with catapult. The fuselage is tough enough to permit belly landings on return, with an optional sacrificial tape.

    (3) A small single wheel fitted to the fuselage as in full size gliders


    • Low demand on consumables
    • Good fuel consumption
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Simple, strong design
    • Low initial and replacement cost
    • Modular construction
    • Flexible use
    • Specific mission adaptable
    • Easy to fly and operate

    The Flamingo is a very versatile, truly modular 4 metre (14ft) aircraft capable of quick setup and deployment. A variety of payload configurations can be pre-installed to removable panniers allowing reconfiguration to be carried out in the field to suit multiple mission requirements.



    • Search and Rescue
      IR & Optical Imagery, aerial communications platform   
    • Security/Military
      Surveillance, Intelligence, Target drones
    • Research
      eg. Atmospheric research; airborne visual sensors
  • Markets:

    • Agriculture
      Farm & crop management, asset management
    • Environmental monitoring
      Data collection, pollution monitoring
    • Mining
      Mine layout, environmental monitoring

    A custom-built transit case is now available for the Flamingo. Securely transport and store your airframe.

    Handles at ends for two-person lift. Wheeled at one end for ease of transport.

Mk1 and Mk2 Flamingo are now no longer in production. See the new Mk3 for up-to-date information.

Experience has shown that most customers have very definite preferences when it comes to the Avionics and Payload mix on any UAV. This fact, coupled with Government regulations regarding the restricted export of UAVs fitted with Navigation Avionics, has shaped our resolve to primarily concentrate on supplying the UAV industry with a range of elegant, versatile and aerodynamically efficient UAV airframes that can be tailored to customers requirements with ease.

We are well placed to work with our customers to provide tailored navigation and payload configuration design to meet mission requirements.  Fitting of suitable avionics packages to customers specifications will be quoted as a separate item once the customers requirements are made clear. Silvertone will engage closely with your organization in order to understand your operational requirements and provide you with an accurate quote.

Designed as a fully modular airframe, the Flamingo provides UAV operators with an airframe that offers absolutely unique features not found in other small UAVs including the choice of single or twin boom conversion. The twin Boom Flamingo allows larger engines and propellers resulting in heavier payloads or greater endurance.

A very important benefit of the high aerodynamic efficiency of the Flamingo is its ability to operate with smaller engines than usually found in 4 metre UAVs. This naturally reduces the fuel requirement and improves endurance.

Additional benefits arising from the efficient aerodynamic design are the viceless flight characteristics combined with an excellent speed envelope, making the Flamingo an ideal UAV trainer. These characteristics are much appreciated by Flamingo operators around the world and are the most commented upon features of the Flamingo.