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Flamingo UAV

Manufactured by Silvertone and adaptable to your requirements.

Low capital cost.

Highly adaptable, multi-payload design.

Modular construction.

Ease-of-use and flexibility.

The Flamingo Mk3 - the UAV of choice for the under-25kg (55lb) class of UAV

Read the Flamingo Mk3 UAV Overview

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Signal Hound

Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers and tracking generators.

View more: BB60C, SA124B, SA44B and VSG25A

Autopilot systems

Systems for hobbyist models and professional UAV's.

View more: Diamond DAPr5

DSO's and logic analysers

Bitscope USB digital oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

View more: BS10, BS05 and LP103W

Virtins Technology USB DSO's and analyzers.

View more: DSO-2820, DSO-2820R, DSO-2810, DSO-2810R, DSO-2A20E and DSO-2A10E


Garmin avionics and general products.



LIDAR-Lite V2 Blue Label laser ranging module now available through Silvertone.

See: LIDAR-Lite V2 Blue Label

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