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Flamingo Mk3 Overview

Download the Flamingo Mk3 specifications brochure.

Note:  The Flamingo Mk3 has now entered manufacture as of July 2017.   



Silvertone Electronics has been a UAV manufacturer in Australia for over 40 years, having developed target drones for defence forces and more recently the Flamingo family of UAV's.

The Flamingo Mk2 has proven to be a reliable and robust platform since production began in 2006.  These features as well as the modularity and ease of operation have been retained in the design of the Flamingo Mk3.

The Flamingo Mk3 has been designed to provide a 65% increase in payload volume (3kg capacity increase) and an additional 4 hours of flight time while remaining within the 25kg maximum takeoff weight.   A key design feature of the Flamingo Mk3 is the flexibility with component and payload layout.  Our in house design capability allows tailored solutions to be generated for individual requirements.

Experience has shown that most customers have very definite preferences when it comes to the Avionics and Payload mix on any UAV. This fact, coupled with Government regulations regarding the restricted export of UAVs fitted with Navigation Avionics, has shaped our resolve to primarily concentrate on supplying the UAV industry with a range of elegant, versatile and aerodynamically efficient UAV airframes that can be tailored to customers’ requirements with ease.

We are well placed to work with our customers to provide tailored navigation and payload configuration design to meet mission requirements.  Fitting of suitable avionics packages to customer’s specifications will be quoted as a separate item once the customers’ requirements are made clear. Silvertone will engage closely with your organization in order to understand your operational requirements and provide you with an accurate quote.

A very important benefit of the high aerodynamic efficiency of the Flamingo UAV is its ability to operate with smaller engines than usually found in 4 metre UAVs. This naturally reduces the fuel requirement and improves endurance.



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